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The Ambrosia Serveware Set - Black & Silver - Set of 2

The Ambrosia Serveware Set - Black & Silver - Set of 2

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The Ambrosia Cutlery Set in Silver & Black Color. Made from the finest quality Stainless Steel, available at affordable prices. Save up to 93% on your purchase of our Kitchen & Dinning compared to similar serveware by other luxury brands.

Serve a Michelin-star experience right at the comfort of your homes. Say ‘bonjour’ to our newly-launched range of cutlery and serve-ware in elevated metallic tones. Crafted with high-grade stainless steel and brass, these sets are designed to elevate your dining-in experience and give you a taste of more than what is on the plate — luxury style dining. Best of luck focusing on the food!


Elevate your presentation skills with these smooth salad servers, crafted with high-grade stainless steel.


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